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TECH at Natural Cycles

Join us in pioneering women's health with research, passion and cutting-edge technology!

Natural Cycles is the world's leading startup in the area of contraception and reproductive health. We are all about education, scientific research, transparency, innovation, and making an impact. Together with a very passionate team gathered from all corners of the world we work on changing women's lives, every single day.

Want to find out more about what is going on at Natural Cycles and in our office? Check out our LinkedIn page!

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Interested in joining our tech team in Stockholm? Great, then we want to hear from you! 

We do not have any open positions right now but we still want to hear from you so that we can talk more when we do! In the meantime we invite you to send in a spontaneous application or to connect with us. We will be in touch when we have a job opening fitting your skills and experience 😊

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Life as a software engineer at Natural Cycles

We work in multidisciplinary tech teams that include developers, designers, content creators, and product owners. As a software engineer, you will contribute to the teams by solving problems with code. This means that there is plenty of time and space (also the best gear) to just put your headphones on and hack away, because that is what we all love to do.

On top of that, at Natural Cycles you will also have the opportunity to contribute by participating in discussions about the design of features and prioritization of the roadmap for the product and technical backlogs. We expect you to share your opinion and speak up during planning or retrospectives. We believe that we can only get better if we all participate.

More about us

Is Natural Cycles for me?

What you will do

  • Ensuring the highest quality, performance, and security of our products.
  • Ensuring continuous delivery of value to the users.
  • Helping us keep a healthy and consistent codebase with minimized technical debt and flexibility to expand.

We think that you have

  • Proof of professional track-record or proof of your coding skills
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English
  • Experience with at least one of these technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, Java, PHP, Python
  • Ability and interest in working on various challenges together with agile cross-functional teams
  • Passion for what you do! Maybe you are working on a personal project? Please make sure to share them with us in your application, we'd love to learn more about it 😊

Sounds like a fit? Great! No matter if your expertise lies in frontend, backend, full-stack or automation, we have exciting challenges and projects in all of our teams. Find out more about them below 👇🏼

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What our teams do

Web team

The team’s focus is on the company’s web presence but we don't churn out web agency work, we follow the best practices according to modern software development. Quality, security, and reliability are of utmost importance. We pick the right tool for the job and we give ownership and responsibility to new joiners and expect daily code reviews in which you can share your knowledge and learn from others. Your code will ship as soon as the sprint is over and it will reach users all around the world in a matter of seconds.

There are many stakeholders when it comes to our web presence, our sites are not only conversion funnels, they are also educational hubs that help educate our audiences about women’s reproductive health and also help spread the word about what we do at Natural Cycles. Working with designers, content creators, and product owners, you will use your technical skills to advise and implement accordingly.


App team

This team’s focus is on the company’s main product: the birth control app. We develop this application as a medical device which is subject to the strictest regulations in terms of international standards of quality. Within this framework, we have innovated within the contraception market offering a software product that meets the needs of our users in a way that has never been done before.

The tech stack is that of a hybrid app and we distribute it to Web, iOS and Android platforms. As a developer in this team, you will ensure that we have the best possible product by implementing technical solutions according to our product roadmap. It is also expected of you to voice your opinion and lead the direction of the product by contributing to our planning workshops and design sprints.


Account team

In the account team, the focus is on the company’s account processes: Payments, Subscriptions, Deliveries, and more. The team works across the stack to make sure our products are accessible to women in an informative and effective way. Everything from optimizing conversion funnels to adding payment methods or supporting other teams with tailored features.

Right at the center of the company, the Account Team has touch points with a collection of stakeholders and these dependencies have to be developed, monitored, and maintained.

The challenge is to provide flexibility when the company needs to make business decisions and our systems have to change but still remain equally or more secure, performant, and maintainable.IMG_9758.jpg

Infrastructure team

The Infrastructure Team is writing software to support and automate our infrastructure as well as manage and plan our environment. They work in close collaboration with the rest of the developer teams to make sure we can innovate fast whilst maintaining high quality and medical compliance.

During a typical day in the Infrastructure team you might:

  • Create tooling and reports to monitor our cloud server instances health and usage, aiming to ensure scalability and performance of our services.
  • Help to identify and fix performance issues, memory leaks, etc.
  • Decrease time to identify the root causes of issues by, for example, improving and centralizing our logging, error detection, alerting systems.

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