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Stepping in the Rights Direction: Meet Linnea


Where are you from? Difficult question! I have a Swedish passport and am currently a local in Stockholm. But I grew up in the german part of Switzerland and have lived in Toronto, Geneva, London and Amsterdam for the past...

Scholar. Scientist. Singer: Meet Federico


Where are you from? I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is very different from Stockholm! It’s a giant city, like a monster. It is a lot of things at the same time: vibrant, very cultural, full of life, restless,...

She’s Bringin’ Bremen Back: Meet Thea


Where are you from? I’m from Bremen, in the north of Germany. It’s probably best known for Beck’s beer and its football team Werder Bremen. What did you do before joining Natural Cycles? I studied Pharmacy and moved to Stockholm...

​The Doctor is In: Meet Simon


Where are you from? I am British from a small village in Lancashire in the North of England. When I was  growing up, the end of my back garden was one of the biggest dairy farms in the country. It...


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