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Developing Data-Driven Dashboards: Meet the Analytics Team



My name is Fernando Brito and I’m very excited to write about the Analytics team at Natural Cycles. I’m a Full-Stack Software Developer originally from Brazil, I recently moved to Sweden to work at Natural Cycles. Besides having a background in web application development, I’ve always had a great interest in data and numbers. I’m super happy to have been offered a role where I can take advantage of my Software Engineering expertise and combine it with my passion for working with data.

Data, data everywhere

All companies have so much data generated by their products and the different systems they use, it quickly becomes very challenging not only to make sense out of it but also how to store and search for it efficiently.
One of the main goals for our team is to make sure everyone at our company has access to our company-level performance indicators, such as how many new users we had in the last month, how many users stopped using our product this year, how well our fertility algorithm is performing and much more. We work hard to assure that the right systems are collecting and reporting this data properly, and centralizing the data in a single place to finally make it available to all employees through interactive dashboards and reports.
We believe it is very important to have a culture where people use data to support their decisions, and it is our role to guarantee that they can easily access it and trust the numbers and graphs they see.


Collaboration is key


Besides taking care of the company-wide performance indicators, we also help other departments and teams with their own data and processes. The Analytics team works very closely with the Growth Insights, Marketing, Finance, Science and Communications, and Product teams, just to name a few. 

Technologies and tools

Working with people and understanding their needs is very motivating, but we also spend a fair amount of time dealing with software. We currently use a handful of different services to capture and analyze user-centric data. We are moving towards centralizing our bits and bytes used for analytics in Snowflake, a data warehouse platform. To make all this data visually available to our employees, we develop and maintain intuitive and interactive dashboards using Tableau. Lastly, we also have smaller internal products and third-party tools that we use for very specific needs.

Our challenges

We take our users privacy very seriously, and creating internal processes and documentation to keep up with the latest standards and regulations is always a relevant challenge to our team. Our team also has a key role when it comes to understanding how our app and different systems work since sometimes it is necessary to dig deep into the code to investigate why some numbers in our database are different than what we expect.


What I like the most


The collaboration with the other departments always teaches me something new, and I'm very impressed with how everyone is doing their best and working so hard on different fronts, and how each team has a very important role in the company. I'm also amused by the number of acronyms that I can be exposed on a single day of work. KPI, LTV, NPU, MRR, MoM, YoY, MAU, CPA, NPS, CRM, CTA, SEO, and the list goes on!

Coming next

Adding new data sources to our data warehouse and automating existing manual processes are always high on our priority list. For the upcoming year, we plan to add, for example, brand perception and public relations performance indicators to our dashboards. Finally, we are also going to work on specific dashboards and automated reports to help departments and teams keep track of their progress on their quarterly and yearly goals. All in all, the available data seems to indicate that it will be a very exciting year for our team and Natural Cycles as a whole, so don't forget to keep your eyes on this blog and in our LinkedIn page.


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