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World Wide Web Wizard: Meet Mårten


Where are you from?

I grew up just south of the Dalarna county border near the regional metropolis of Fagersta, Sweden. Pine trees, ridges, lakes, lumber and steel mills everywhere. I’ve passed through Örebro, Kristinehamn, Karlstad, Sundsvall, and Visby during my studies before finally ending up in Stockholm where I’ve spent the past 18 years working in IT and media. There was also a short period of living on-off in Moscow and a couple of years in Los Angeles.

Tell us about your work at Natural Cycles.

As the Web Product Owner I am responsible for Natural Cycles’ online presence. This means having the benefit of working closely with the other members of the Natural Cycles Web team to improve and grow our website, and to integrate it with any partner platforms to create a first class user experience. It also means working closely with practically every other department within the company to keep their information available and up to date.

Why Natural Cycles?

Having enjoyed almost two decades working with video and music streaming, I wanted something more important than just entertaining people. Instead of not being able to play their favorite song immediately or switching a TV channel without a glitch, I want to help people solve their real problems with potentially life altering consequences. When I was meeting with Medtech companies in Stockholm I felt most of them to be too profit driven and found myself discussing payoff possibilities and exit strategies. That wasn’t my game plan, I needed a company with a heart that really intended to do good and stay the course. Natural Cycles fulfills all of this to me. It is a product that helps a lot of women deal with a tricky situation that I believe unfairly attracts a lot of controversy and negative attention. I believe our product helps boost the focus on female health by driving innovation and science in this area, and those of us working at Natural Cycles believe this has been long overdue. On top of this, the environmental effects of reducing the amounts of hormones flushed out into the ecosystem is important to me.




What has been your favorite project so far at Natural Cycles?

I’d say hardening the personal data security and enforcing the GDPR guidelines has been educational and interesting, but the efforts of creating a content management system to use for our information has probably been the most fun this far.

What’s the one thing you’ve learned during your time at Natural Cycles?

I’ve learned that even smaller companies can be organized and structured. Most times fast-growing startups excuse their lack of organization just by being that, fast-growing startups. Now I know this does not necessarily have to be the case everywhere.

Favorite feature in the Natural Cycles app?

As a sucker for data I’d say the cycle statistics, which allows you to collect and display measurements in a way so that you can learn new things about yourself.  

Favorite song?

This depends so much on my mood but I’d say anything by Zach de la Rocha since this has been playing at least once a week for 25 years, so it has to mean something. If having to pick I’d say Rage Against the Machine - Sleep Now in the Fire.

Favorite quote?

“‘Tis a slippery slope...” - unknown gentleman from a infomercial that ran in the California election ranting about how things had gone downhill since the last time around. I have forgotten the rest, but the quote is unmistakably useful in many circumstances.

What’s your go to-place to eat in Stockholm?

I do my best to promote Akoya Sushi on Döbelnsgatan 51. The best hidden-gem lunches around if you’re up for Asian cuisine.

Tell us about your hobbies?

My hobby is to test new things and to try/make/break stuff. I love to learn, which means that I enjoy spreading my interests across domains that I understand little to nothing about. Currently I know too little about: keeping my honey bees alive, building a microelectronic controller to measure soil wetness and dispense rain water to my garden, converting a Dodge van from the 80s into a mobile home, utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) to eliminate the need for lamp switches in my home and shotgun skeet shooting. Anything that has to do with preserving a farm from 1880s using techniques from the same era feels like a solid challenge.


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